Diegar.com - Space Engineers - Server Rules

Welcome to The Dark Hole. Please read and understand the rules to avoid any issues

1. Don't be a dick

2. Don't be a dick

3. Please turn off your Projectors, Nanite Factories, Scripts, Spotlights, and anything mechanical, before you leave

4. If your ship is pretty big, consider converting it to station before you leave

5. Name your grids. Unnamed grids risk deletion

6. Place a beacon on each grid you own; doesn't need to be completed. A script will run daily to delete grids without a beacon block

7. Please do your best to avoid collisions

8. Stop your ships before you leave. Moving ships risk deletion

9. All ships and station grids need to be within 3,000,000m of center. Anyting found beyond 3000km in any direction will be deleted

10. Do not launch your stone into space. We have a stone crusher to get rid of it for you.

11. Be considerate about lag. If you think you're causing the server to lag, try doing it differently. See rules 1 and 2


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Server Status: Online